• aluminum sheet
  • aluminum cast
  • segregated aluminum alloys
  • aluminum wheels
  • brass
  • copper
  • insulated copper
  • aluminum wire
  • auto radiators
  • stainless steel
  • carbide
  • titanium
  • exotic metals
  • iron/steel (commercial only)
  • zinc
  • lead
  • batteries
  • electronic scrap
  • computer circuit boards and processors
  • all precious metals
  • aluminum cans

The focus of Pacific iron & Metal will always remain the same: we recycle the metals of today and tomorrow in the most efficient and environmentally safe manner possible, no matter what the size, shape, composition, or processing requirements.

Our buyers service the Pacific northwest, Alaska and beyond. Our high standard of service means that any of your scrap metal recycling needs will be handled professionally with just a telephone call.

We purchase aluminum sheet, aluminum cast, aluminum cans, segregated aluminum alloys, aluminum wheels, brass, copper, insulated copper and aluminum wire, auto radiators, stainless steel, carbide, titanium, exotic metals, iron/steel (commercial only), zinc, lead, batteries, electronic scrap, computer circuit boards and processors, and all precious metals.

We constantly monitor all materials-related news, commodity and financial markets to provide our customers with the most current pricing on every metal traded. We weigh all material on certified scales and the data is entered into our computerized data base and each weight is recorded on a scale ticket for payment. These methods ensure accurate and efficient payment and the best prices available.

Our outside buyers have between 38 and 40 years experience in metals purchasing and will gladly visit your facility to evaluate your needs. We offer a wide variety of containers that can be spotted at your industrial site. Available containers range from ½ yard to 40 yards. With minimum quantities, our bins can be picked up and replaced at your plant or job site to allow the fastest possible turnover of scrap metal inventory. Rapid, regular, reliable service means prompt return on your investment and more profit for your business!

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding scrap recycling.

We look forward to helping with all of your metal recycling needs.

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