Environmentally Committed

At Pac Iron, our goal is to ensure that scrap metal avoids our waste stream, and we create the path for scrap metals to be remade into usable metal once again. The beauty of our business is the effect we have on reducing not only the amount of material being sent to landfills, but also the need to mine for new ore. Our recycling operation conserves our limited natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving the amount of energy needed to manufacture the products people buy, build and use every day.

Did you know? Energy saved using recycled materials is up to:

  • 95% for aluminum
  • 85% for copper
  • 74% for steel

Visit www.biggerthanthebin.org for more information on the benefits of the scrap recycling industry.

Not every scrap metal recycler is committed to the environment. It takes an investment, like we have made for many years, to process scrap metal in an environmentally responsible way. Pac Iron pioneered the first industrial pre-treatment system for storm water at a recycling facility, and with the help of our environmental consulting team, we continue to evolve our practices and technology to keep our air and water fresh and clean.

So, why is this important to you when you sell to us? Federal and State laws can make you liable for environmental damages even after scrap is sold to a recycler. We have in place best management practices, which ensure that we do everything possible to protect you from down-stream environmental liability.

Pac Iron also consistently earns the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks Industrial Waste Program gold or silver award for protecting our environment.

In addition to our operational environmental successes, we are proud to support our environment through sponsorship of and engagement with a local 501(c)(3), EarthCorps, whose mission it is to build a global community of leaders through local environmental service. Our President has served on EarthCorps’ Board and various committees since 2011, and we take pride that a recent Strategic Plan for this organization was developed onsite at Pac Iron.