Pac Iron was founded in Seattle in 1917 by Jules Glant, a pioneer in recycling in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to metal, Pac Iron once dealt in waste paper, rubber, and rags. From our humble beginnings collecting scrap materials in a horse-drawn wagon to our current existence in a SODO warehouse not far from where Jules started, Pac Iron has consistently been synonymous with integrity. Today, Pac Iron operates one of the largest and most respected non-ferrous scrap processing plants in the Pacific Northwest.

The Glant family (now represented by a fourth generation) have always been leaders in the scrap metal recycling industry. Holding numerous positions in the scrap industry’s trade organization (ISRI) has allowed us to be a voice for our customers and our community.

We share our family tradition in scrap recycling with a number of our employees having employed multiple generations from the Hakim, Hernandez, LaFrance and Silva families.

We are also proud to be affiliated with our sister companies, Pacific Fabrics and Seattle’s Doorhouse.